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Stateville denies developer’s request to install rolled curbs

A standard curb.
A standard curb. DAVE VIESER

A request from two developers to allow the installation of rolled, or “valley” curbs in Statesville was denied by the City Council at its April 13 meeting.

Rolled curbs, which are more rounded than standard curbs, have been banned in the city since 2001. Council members focused their continued opposition on safety concerns.

“With a standard curb, there would be a good chance that an out-of-control vehicle could be deflected away from sidewalks, front lawns and danger,” said Councilman Michael Schlesinger. “There’s little chance the same could happen with a rolled curb, a real significant safety factor especially in residential areas.”

Councilman Jap Johnson agreed, saying, “I know the DOT doesn’t allow them and I’m also against it 100 percent for safety reasons.”

US Developments had asked the city to allow rolled curbs in Phase 5 and subsequent phases of the Larkin Golf Club development (formerly Fox Den), while developer D.R. Horton sought similar approval for future street construction in the Wildewood subdivision.

According to Public Works Director Scott Harrell, the prohibition of rolled curbs was based on storm water drainage control, and that vehicles can access the shoulder and sidewalk too easily. Conversely, the major advantage to rolled curbs is cost savings for developers and flexibility with regard to driveway construction.

Municipalities are split on the use of the rolled curbs: They are also banned in Davidson, but are permitted in Mooresville and Troutman.

In other action, the council adopted the final written order approving the site plan for a Love’s Travel Stop to be near Interstate 40 Exit 154.

The vote was 4-1. Councilmen Roy West was absent, Keith Williams voted against the measure, and Michael Schlesinger was recused from the vote. Councilman Jarrod Phifer was marked absent because he missed the March 16 public hearing because his child was sick, according to Mayor Costi Kutteh.

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