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What’s in store for Cornelius?

To find out about changes for Cornelius for the rest of 2015, Wayne Herron, Cornelius director of planning, shared some of what’s planned for our town.

Planet Fitness is going into the space where the Bi-Lo and Salvation Army used to be. Because Planet Fitness didn’t need special approval to make needed changes inside the building, Herron said, “We found out (about the relocation) when they got the building permit. They haven’t given us a timetable, since they didn’t have to talk to us.

“We’re just happy that they’re going in there.”

For the Dunkin’ Donuts and Penn Station being built where the self-serve car wash was, Herron said, the builders “are trying to get final paving done and the final up-fit within the building.”

The Dunkin’ Donuts will have a drive-thru in the rear.

“Drive-thrus are required to be in the rear. The lot is smaller and doesn’t have enough room for another drive-thru.”

He said he still doesn’t know what the last unit will be, “but because the other two units are food-related, they are hoping the third unit will be something that people can stroll in and shop when they’re at one of the other two.”

The goal is to open these establishments in late summer.

There are no specific plans for the space under construction next to the Harris Teeter. Herron said that in 1996, the 3,000 square feet currently under construction was approved.

There still are no plans for the space where the Sunoco gas station used to be; however, the town has met with several interested parties. The owner is interested in selling, but the companies interested so far want to lease.

The new Harris Teeter in the Antiquity neighborhood should be finished in November. Though there will be other retailers, the developer has not said what they will be, although “Harris Teeter would like to be the first to open,” Herron said.

Herron said discussions still are going on with developers about Cornelius Grand, a project in the planning stage. The development – across from Publix on Magnolia Estates Drive, behind the Exxon (formerly Shell) gas station – will be a new commercial space with 60,000 square feet of retail space and 298 residential units.

There is still discussion about the N.C. Department of Transportation making West Catawba Avenue a “superstreet,” with four lanes.

At intersections, drivers couldn’t turn left but would have to turn right and then make a U-turn. N.C. DOT states this will help drivers not have to wait at traffic lights.

The $22 million project is set to start in 2022, from the intersections of West Catawba Boulevard and Nantz Road and Westmoreland and Sam Furr roads.

Lisa Daidone is a freelance writer: