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Troutman adopts new rules for controlling roadside growth

Troutman has adopted a new set of regulations designed to clarify the scope of the town’s responsibility for maintaining and controlling plant growth on public properties, roadways and sidewalks.

The policy was adopted unanimously at the Town Board’s Oct. 8 meeting and goes into effect immediately.

“Over the past few months, questions have arisen in regard to who is responsible for mowing planting strips between sidewalks and streets and controlling weeds growing in cracks of sidewalks,” said Ann Bailie, Troutman town manager.

“This policy addresses these issues by clarifying the responsibilities of town workers for mowing, weed control and landscape maintenance of public sidewalks, curbs and roadways.”

Bailie said this is the first time Troutman has adopted regulations that clarify such responsibilities.

Here are the rules:

▪ Residents are responsible for general vegetative maintenance of sidewalks in front of their homes, while the town will keep sidewalks free from tripping hazards such as large fallen limbs and invasive and fast-growing plant life.

▪ The town will not mow or maintain vegetative areas between curbs and sidewalks. Moreover, in residential areas, the town will not spray herbicide on vegetation in cracks of sidewalks because of the possibility of the herbicide being spread to other plants.

▪ Vegetation between the curb and street, as well as around storm-drain inlets, including the curb at storm drain inlets, will be sprayed with herbicide and removed. Herbicide application will normally be scheduled for three times a year, once each in the spring, summer and fall. More applications will be used if necessary.

▪ Curbs and sidewalks in the downtown and other commercial areas will be kept clear of vegetation and debris for the convenience of local businesses and customers and for overall aesthetics of highly visible areas.

▪ Overgrowth of Bermuda grass or other vegetation from private property onto town curbing will not be removed unless it is obstructing stormwater flow.

▪ Public recreational properties such as the park and greenways will be maintained by the town. Grass will be cut on a weekly basis during the growing season. Curbs will be cleared of vegetation. Juniper on the greenway will be edged twice a year, while trees, shrubs and landscaping will be maintained annually.

▪ Public parking lots will be maintained by herbicide application, vegetation removal and landscaping.

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Read the rules:

Copies of the complete policy is available on the town’s website,, or by calling Town Hall at 704-528-7600.