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Bikini team signs TV contract

The Davidson Bikini Team has signed a contract with a Hollywood director to adapt their introductory book for television production.

“Bikini is a State of Mind” is an inspirational, yet mostly tongue-in-cheek, 161-page, self-published paperback.

It delves into the authors' six-woman bikini team at a local pool and how bikinis came to mean joyful self-acceptance.

The authors are schoolteachers in their 50s for whom bikinis are summer uniforms, and lounging all summer in the sun is exercise.

The women say their book is part group diary, poolside caricature and lifestyle guide – and full-time manifesto combating the notion that women must acquiesce to the pull of gravity.

“What we're saying is, ‘We're trying to save the world, one woman at a time,''' team member Ann Haley said in a 2006 Observer interview. “We want to make women feel good about themselves.”

The team recently signed with Robert Roy Thomas, who directed “Significant Others” on NBC/Bravo and “Free Ride” on Fox.

He will try to develop interest from television production companies in a program based on the book, club members said.