Lake Norman & Mooresville

Alert kids, mom save a neighbor

Jacqueline Cingolani, 4, was riding bikes with her brother, Connor, 6, when she spotted smoke at a neighbor's home and alerted her mom.

Molly Cingolani was “knee-deep in mulch” that day, May 17, and didn't give the smoke a second thought. After all, her neighbor had a smoker, she said.

Then Connor spotted flames on the man's porch.

Molly Cingolani had Connor dial 911 as she went to the neighbor's home in the Lochmere community off Oak Tree Road and woke the man up. She got a garden hose and aimed it at the flames before firefighters arrived and extinguished the blaze.

Fire officials honored the Cingolanis at last week's town board meeting by presenting them with a Mooresville Community Life Safety Award. It's only the third one given in the past five years, Battalion Chief Jamie Barrier said.

Barrier said the Cingolanis saved a life. Because of the family's quick action, no one was injured, and the fire caused minimal damage, he said. Fire officials weren't able to determine the cause.

“It's every firefighter's career goal to save a life,” Barrier said.

“These three people had that opportunity, by being alert to their community. Their acting without hesitation made a difference in life and property.”