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Help raise funds for animal shelter

It appears that a safe, secure and sturdy animal shelter is in Cornelius' near future.

The current animal shelter is not much more than a locked, fenced-in area covered by plastic. It's not a place you would want your animals to stay.

Officer Kenny Russell and volunteers do their best to care for the animals' needs. But since the area is locked, volunteers can only help the animals for an hour each day.

The new shelter will be a real building with a parking lot, fenced-in areas, runs and play areas for the animals, and it will be open for volunteers to work with the animals for several hours each day.

A fundraising campaign is under way to pay for this building and for the expense of operating the shelter.

One fundraiser is the sale of engraved bricks for the Pet Adoption Patio of the new shelter. I am buying a brick engraved to honor all the pets that have enriched my life.

Or you can stop by the front desk of Cornelius Town Hall and buy a bumper sticker to show your support for spaying and neutering pets.

Of course, you can just send tax-deductible donations to Cornelius Town Hall, Attention Finance Department, P.O. Box 399, Cornelius, NC 28031. Be sure to write “Animal Shelter Construction Fund” on the memo portion of your check so the money goes to the right place. Your donation will be acknowledged with a letter of receipt.

If you do nothing else, go to www.corneliusanimalshelter .com to print a fundraising poster and hang it where lots of people will see it and donate money. At this Web site you can also get more ideas about fundraising and see pictures and get more information about the new shelter.

Finally, the town will have the quality animal shelter that our future pets deserve.

Transportation planner needed for Cornelius

If you have a bachelor's degree and have had courses in traffic engineering, civil engineering or planning, and have two to four years of experience in managing projects, particularly government projects, then you may want to apply to be transportation planner for Cornelius.

The right person for this job will coordinate and manage all of the town's transportation activities: the highways and roads, the bikeways and walkways, and public transportation.

For more information, go to, and click on the Town Hiring link. If interested, mail your resume to the Planning Director, Town of Cornelius, P.O. Box 399, Cornelius, NC 28031.