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Troutman adopts land-use plan

The Troutman Town Board has unanimously adopted the first area land-use plan in the town's history.

The document, which had been under intensive review for over seven months, divides recommended land uses in the town among 12 categories and is designed to serve as a blueprint for development for the town board, staff, developers and residents.

Troutman has experienced a 76 percent population growth since 1990, and many developers have shown great interest in starting both residential and commercial projects within the town. In light of that pressure, the town staff sought a document which would address future growth and preservation needs.

“The completion and adoption of this plan is, in my opinion, a major accomplishment by this board,” said Mayor Elbert Richardson following the 5-0 vote on Aug. 14. (Alderman Scott Feimster was absent.)

The plan's map of future land use depicts anticipated patterns of development in the Troutman area for the next 10 to 15 years. Each portion of the town has been color-coded to correspond with one of 12 recommended land-use categories and zoning districts, such as agricultural, highway interchange or residential.

Prior to its adoption, the plan was the subject of several public workshops. The primary concerns voiced by residents included lack of local shopping/dining facilities, as well as loss of farmland, reflecting the delicate balance between growth and preservation that the plan seeks to address.

“The Town of Troutman Land Use Plan aims to create a clear vision for the future,” according to the document's introduction. “Through the creation of this plan, the Town is proactively responding to a need to accommodate growth while preserving the unique quality of life within the Town. It is in the realization of this balance, between managing anticipated growth and sustaining existing conditions, that the citizens of the Town of Troutman see their unique quality of life.”

Copies of the plan, which was prepared by Benchmark CMR Inc. of Kannapolis, are available at the town's Web, or by contacting the town at (704) 528-7600.