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Zake, a ‘mentor without equal,' is one of the best

When the Statesville City Council stood to recite the pledge of allegiance at its Aug.4 meeting, a different voice led the audience: barber Xavier “Zake” Zsarmani, who was being honored as one of “Statesville's Best.”

An admiring crowd of 50 friends and family joined the council at City Hall in saluting the popular businessman from South Statesville.

“Xavier is a mentor without equal,” said Paul Hultberg of the Statesville Human Relations Commission, as he read from Zsarmani's nominating form.

“He draws young people and, especially, young men, like bees to honey. On any given evening, you will find a shop full of young men listening and interacting with Zake and his peers. The tone is always positive, and the fact that many of the young men return day after day with questions is a sign of the respect they hold for his advice.”

A husband and father of four, Zsarmani gave credit for his accomplishments to his supporters. “There is no way I could have done all the things that I have done without the support I receive from my family and friends,” he said.

In addition to running the popular Xavier's Barber Styling on Shelton Avenue in the South Statesville corridor, Zsarmani is a community activist, entrepreneur and playwright.

He is executive director of Role Model Inc., a company that showcases his talents as writer, director and play producer.

One of his compositions, “If These Teens Could Talk,” relates the emotions experienced by a group of teens when a tragic car accident takes the lives of seven teenagers.

It was loosely based on a real incident.

The Best of Statesville Program is sponsored by the city and the Statesville Human Relations Council to acknowledge people who have demonstrated a genuine respect for others.

All citizens and individuals involved with other citizens of Statesville are eligible, and they must have performed acts of kindness or have exemplified respect toward others.

Nomination forms are available at City Hall, or at