Lake Norman & Mooresville

Bumpy interstates are on the list; repair rotation can be complicated

We have all driven down bumpy interstate roads and wondered, “when will this get fixed?”

N.C. Department of Transportation official Reuben Chandler offered an answer recently.

Chandler said every road in the state is inspected every two years and is given a pavement condition survey. If it doesn't pass, the state DOT tries to fix the problem as soon as possible.

But some roads get fixed faster than others. Interstate 77 between Mooresville and Statesville is already deep into the repaving process, while Interstate 40 between Hickory and Statesville hasn't started yet.

Those two projects went under contract at the same time, but Chandler said I-40 is more complicated due to the length of road that is getting repaved, a denser roadbed and other complications in the roadbuilding process.

While I-77 should be finished by the end of the year, Chandler said, I-40 won't be done until sometime in 2010.