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Iredell County Commission Chair Marvin Norman and County Manager Joel Mashburn attended the N.C. Association of County Commissioners 101st Annual Conference, which was Aug. 21-24 in New Bern, N.C.

Winners at the Statesville Duplicate Bridge Club for Aug. 12:

North-South: 1st, Michael McConochie and Carl Wilson; 2nd, Dorene Drum and Norris Drum; 3rd, Gene Jarrett and Terrell Bishop; 4th, Mart Jarvis and Scott Chatham; 5th, Dot Sykes and Carole Salerno.

East-West: 1st, Marilyn Wilson and Carolyn Shart; 2nd, Kris Ginthwain and Judith Gillespie; 3rd, Ann McClain and Pat Inman; 4th, Kathy Boliek and Dennis Bell.

Winners for Aug. 19:

North-South: 1st, David Smith and Gretchen Smith; 2nd, David Kogut and Gary Robinson; 3rd, Anita Carlson and Tom Dance; 4th, Tim Hemphill and Bill Bumbarger; 5/6th, Richard Kasek and John Milholland; 5/6th, Mart Jarvis and Scott Chatham.

East-West: 1st, Bruce Bedient and Sue Bedient; 2nd, Kris Ginthwain and Judith Gillespie; 3rd, Frances Bruce and Billie Laminack; 4th, Michael McConochie and Peter Gerrard; 5th, Jo Ann Massey and Peggy Axley; 6th, Ann McClain and Pat Inman.

The Statesville Duplicate Bridge Club plays at 7 p.m. every Tuesday. Details: 704-799-6611.

Tiffany R. Leonard