Lake Norman & Mooresville

Still no lights in sight for darkened Exit 36

Residents off Exit 36 in Mooresville want to know when they'll be out of the dark.

The lights near the exit ramp have been turned off for months, and three months ago, an N.C. Department of Transportation engineer said the lights should be replaced within a few weeks.

But now, that flickering hope might go out, too.

Mark Stafford, operations engineer for DOT Division 12, said last week that his department will investigate the lights off the exit in the next few weeks to determine what needs to be done to replace them.

“If it is something minor we can fix, we'll look to expedite it as quick as we can,” he said. “If it is something major, then we can't do it at this time because it becomes a funding issue.”

Sanford said if the lights can be fixed, it would still be several weeks before they would be fully operational.

The age of the lights involved is a factor. “When you have older lights, they degrade over time,” he said. “That can make them very expensive to fix. A lot of times, you can get them fixed but then they go out again. They can be very temperamental.”

So can the priorities for the DOT, and so it might be 2009, or later, before anything is done.