Lake Norman & Mooresville

Learn to manage a chronic illness

September is Healthy Aging Month – a time to shed light on all of the ways in which people can make changes in their everyday lives to positively affect how they will age.

Prevention is a theme that is prevalent during this time, but unfortunately, many people live with conditions where proper treatment and maintenance of symptoms are the only courses of action available to them.

Millions of Americans are living with chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis and heart and respiratory problems. Some of these illnesses have genetic links, while others are related to lifestyle choices.

Regardless of the cause, chronic conditions affect more individuals each year and are directly related to skyrocketing health costs for everyone.

Lake Norman area adults now have access to an innovative and free health program developed by Stanford University.

The workshop is being offered by Centralina Area Agency on Aging, an agency headquartered in Charlotte that serves nine area counties.

The program, “Learn to Live a Healthier Life through the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program,” is geared toward individuals who want to become better at managing their own health care.

The aging baby boomer population has been identified as one that embraces new approaches to health care and is open to making lifestyle changes in order to live a healthier life.

Program workshops are once a week for six weeks and is open to any adults with chronic health problems.

The workshop encourages participation, leading to building confidence about their ability to manage their own health.

Participants will learn how to cope with fatigue and pain and exercises to improve strength and flexibility. They'll hear how to communicate effectively with health care professionals.