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Statesville alters its sidewalk plan

Developers building new structures along public streets in Statesville will be required to immediately build curbs, gutters and sidewalks or pay a fee to the city, according to a sidewalk master plan adopted by the City Council at its September meeting.

Under the new regulations, builders will no longer be able to defer the installation of sidewalks, curbs and gutters.

The regulations will apply to residential and commercial properties.

“All new subdivisions and individual commercial lots require curb, gutter and sidewalks,” said Larry Pressley, public works director. “While the city strongly prefers to have the sidewalk amenities constructed up front, we recognize that there will be occasions where doing so could be impractical. This ordinance will provide the mechanism for a developer to pay a fee to the city now in lieu of building sidewalks, gutters and curbs … (so) we will have already collected the funds and will undertake the construction of sidewalks when practical.”

There are 99 miles of major streets in Statesville that require sidewalks, curbs and gutters on both sides.

The regulations will apply to any new construction on these streets. Smaller secondary roads, which are not included in the 99-mile total, only require sidewalks on one side.

In areas where curbs and gutters are not permitted by the state Department of Transportation, or proper drainage is not possible, developers will not be required to pay any fees.

In other action, the council:

Agreed to set aside a 60-by-130-foot area near the Simonton Road Recreation Center as a possible location for a skate park.

Skateboarders in the Statesville area have been seeking a grant to help locate a park in south Iredell County. Originally, a joint Statesville/Troutman skate park located at the Barium Springs YMCA was discussed, but the skateboarders felt it would not be large enough to accommodate all of the area skaters.

Although the designation carries no timeline for funding or construction, the measure was requested by the skateboard enthusiasts to strengthen their grant application process.

Presented the Rev. James Henderson, retired minister with Presbyterian Church USA, with the city's “Best of Statesville” award.

Henderson served for 31 years in Statesville, leading two congregations while volunteering in a host of community activities, including serving on the boards of Hospice, Fifth Street, YMCA and the Partnership for Young Children.

“Sometimes you do work in a community and you're not sure it is recognized. That is obviously not the case in Statesville, and I thank you for your faith in me,” Henderson said to a standing ovation.