Lake Norman & Mooresville

Playing catch-up in a techie world

A few months ago I entered the world of text messaging and felt like I had rediscovered the wheel. I invested in a qwerty board – a keyboard for text messaging on a phone, instead of the phone key pad – which has caused a decline in my productivity.

I even picked up a refurbished iPod touch to try and stay ahead of trends.

Sadly, Apple recently released its newest generation of the iPod Nano and Touch. I found myself 10 steps behind the times, having buyer's remorse and new generation envy.

On a recent weekend, I discovered the world of Facebook. Admittedly, I am behind the times, just recently relinquishing eight-track tapes for CDs. I spent the weekend with my laptop staring at my Facebook page waiting for friends to confirm we are friends, hoping someone would write on my wall or send me a flair. One of my friends has nearly 2,500 friends. I have a mere 118 friends, which leaves me feeling unpopular and unimportant.

I find myself addicted to connectivity and technology but resentful about being so accessible and unproductive. I neglect the laundry and housework to answer e-mail. I leave the dishes in the sink when I get a text message. Now I cannot leave the couch because my Facebook page needs updating and I am hoping more people will confirm they are my friends because knowing 118 people is not enough.

Perhaps I need therapy or professional help in learning how to unplug? I could probably Google that, right?

Meg Art has relocated

For make-your-own pottery buffs, Meg Art pottery painting studio has moved to 16135 Northcross Drive. The studio hosts birthday parties and bridal showers and participates in many community fundraising events, including churches, Scout troops and schools.

For grown-up pottery fans, Meg Art hosts Paint-a-thon every Friday. Grown-ups can bring their own beverage and wear their jammies because it's adults only from 9 p.m. until midnight.

For more information, visit

Big Brothers Big Sisters cookie drive

Max and Erma's, 8700 Sam Furr Road, is sponsoring a cookie drive to benefit the Big Brothers Big Sisters program of Charlotte. Order chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut or a blend of both between now and Oct. 19 and 10 percent of your order will be donated to the program.

Big Brothers Big Sisters serves ages 6 through 18 in communities across the United States, including the Charlotte and Lake Norman area. It receives 75 percent of its funding from private donations. The group also relies on individuals to provide mentors for children in our community.

For more information about the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, visit For more information about the cookie drive at Max and Erma's, call 704-895–9994.