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Pondering Jetton Road safety

Everyone agrees that Jetton Road in Cornelius has to get safer, but figuring the right way to do it isn't so easy.

The Cornelius Transportation Advisory Committee is trying to help and is making several recommendations. Those recommendations include closing off the median break at Brooklyn South, making the speed limit 35 mph along the entire road and creating a traffic signal at the Jetton Road crosswalk.

The speed limit is 45 mph in some places and 35 in others.

Residents gave mixed reviews to those proposals. In a survey of 125 people, 34 percent wanted the speed limit to remain unchanged, and 19 percent favored a reduction to only 40 mph in areas not already reduced.

The traffic signal also faced opposition, as only 20 percent wanted a full traffic light, and 24 percent approved any kind of traffic signal. The survey also showed that 66 percent favored closing off the median.

No changes will be approved for a while, or at least until the Cornelius Town Board meets Oct. 6.