Lake Norman & Mooresville

Fragrance Shop at Birkdale

The Fragrance Shop is tucked away in Birkdale Village.

Most people would assume from its name that they only sell fragrances, but what lies beyond the threshold of their retail space is more.

Started in 1996 in a small store in Provincetown, Massachusetts by Penny and Neal Kay, The Fragrance Shop is a modern-day apothecary.

The Kays have nine children; five adopted. Three of the sisters, Cindy, 47, Aimee, 38, and Jenny, 42, made the decision to expand the family business and open another location in Miami Beach, Fla. That shop was in business for 12 years when they decided to move close to their parents who moved to Lake Lure. The Birkdale Village location opened up in December 2008 and they have been mixing scents and making memories ever since.

The Fragrance Shop carries over 1,400 scents; from designer and essential oils, to house blends and aromatherapy.

There are many combinations Cindy and her team can make. Your mom had a signature fragrance that was discontinued? Bring in anything that has the lingering smell on it and Cindy, Jenny, and Aimee will recreate it. The Fragrance Shop has a body line with lotions, shampoos, and conditioners that are vegetable-based and can be customized as well. Stop in at 16836 Birkdale Commons Parkway, Huntersville, 704-895-5903 or online at