Lake Norman & Mooresville

New Year's resolutions

For many people, a new year means a clean slate - a time to reinvent oneself, or at least become a better person. Perhaps that is why more than 100 million Americans will make a New Year's Resolution for 2011. Only one in five Americans will keep their resolutions, but that doesn't stop us from hoping this will be the year we stick to them. The most popular resolutions year after year are to lose weight, quit smoking, create healthy habits and save money. But what about the residents and town officials in the Lake Norman area?


"I resolve to keep looking through my "rose colored glasses", staying away from naysayers, devil's advocates and stinkin' thinkin', in both my personal and professional life.

I resolve to engage more people in our mission in changing people's lives, including their own, as they don't need to be superstars, celebrities, or household names, in order to make a lasting mark on the next generation.

I resolve to learn how to provide more housing solutions for families in need both locally, and globally, and put that learning into action, immediately for:

Our Towns Habitat for Humanity to serve another 60 families locally over the next two years.

Our Towns Habitat for Humanity to serve another 600 families in Guatemala over the next 2 years.

I resolve to turn more people onto the life-changing experience of traveling to Guatemala to build houses for families in need there, bringing back much more than I take with me. (January 22-29, 2011, my 13th, and my wife, MC's 14th trip) Every trip is life-changing for the families we build for, as well as, for those on our team."

-Terry Laney, executive director, Our Towns Habitat for Humanity

"Each of us have the opportunity in the morning when we wake up to leave our community better off than we found it. While the last couple of years have been difficult for many of us, I think we will all emerge stronger, wiser, and more appreciative of the opportunities we have and for each other. In 2011, I hope to use the talents and abilities the Good Lord has provided to help make the Lake Norman region a great place to live, work, and visit."

- Bill Russell, president, Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce.

"My top New Years Resolutions for 2011 are the following: Spend more time with family and friends. A commitment to daily exercising. Balance, balance, and balance my professional and personal life. Continue to make sure that Cornelius Elementary School is teaching and learning our way to the top with student achievement being the top priority."

- Mr. James T. Garvin, principal of Cornelius Elementary

"I'm resolving in 2011 to approve a revenue-neutral tax rate, finally get some blueberries out of our garden before the birds do, and see the Boston Celtics win yet another Championship"

- Dave Gilroy, commissioner, Town of Cornelius

"I want to eat healthier and exercise more."

- Lauren Wally, Cornelius

"I want to walk more and eat healthier. I also want to learn Italian because the company I just started working for is Italian."

- Harrison Colcord, former Davidson resident who now lives in New York.

"Stop smoking cigarettes. Eat healthier. Remember that we're all citizens of Mother Earth and we're all better off when we look out for each other."

- Ben Greene, Charlotte resident visiting family in Denver.

"Not hurt or yell at my brothers anymore."

-Gabriel Szilagyi, 10, Davidson.

"Be nicer to my friends"

- Isaac Szilagyi, Davidson.

"Get back in school and work toward finishing."

-Patrick Irwin, 24, Mooresville

"To not shave or cut my beard for the entire year"

- Steve Goodrich, 23, Mooresville

"Quit smoking for real."

- Ashley Carroll, 21, Cornelius

"Sit on a warm deck with a cold beverage and watch the light sparkle on Lake Norman. Do nothing else for a solid 15 minutes. (This resolution actually might be harder to accomplish than it sounds. Those of you with the ability to do it often should enjoy it, and think of me as you do it.)"

- Andria Krewson, editor of Lake Norman News

"In 2011, I resolve to take more photos in my personal life, to ween myself off of my daily fix (a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Frappachino), to truly live in the present, and to continue working to become the best writer and reporter that I can be."

- Elisabeth Arriero, reporter for Lake Norman News