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Girls get in synch for competition

Any Sunday afternoon at the Huntersville Family Fitness & Aquatics Center, you're likely to see what appears to be girls playing, splashing, giggling and having fun in the indoor pool.

When the music starts, these girls are all business while they are in the water.

The girls, ages 6-19, are practicing their synchronized swimming routines for the regional competition May 21-22.

Rose Auten, 11, is one of the girls working on perfecting her routine for the regional competition in Washington, D.C.

Rose is the daughter of Dayna and Lynn Auten, who live off Brawley School Road, Mooresville.

She is a fifth-grader at Pine Lake Preparatory and has been doing synchronized swimming since 2009.

"It all started when my mom took me to a synchro swimming competition in Huntersville," said Rose. "I knew I wanted to meet the coach and get started."

Rose has a background in swimming and has been active in a community summer swim team in the past.

"I think synchronized swimming is so enjoyable. You aren't just swimming laps, it is like dancing in the water and is so much fun," said Rose.

Rose and her team are coached by Carolina Synchro Club founder and co-coach Anne Schulte.

Schulte is a seasoned synchronized swimmer, who started out in the sport at age 13. She competed nationally with synchronized swimming while in college at Ohio State. Schulte started the Carolina Synchro Club in August 2009.

Schulte moved to Huntersville from New York with her husband and has two daughters.

According to Schulte, anyone who has a love of the water might enjoy synchronized swimming.

"We start our girls in a beginner class so they can learn the basic skills," said Schulte.

Schulte said the girls who are strong swimmers, have flexibility, good extension and body awareness are going to do very well in synchronized swimming.

"After they complete the beginner class, all girls are encouraged to join the team," said Schulte.

Schulte hopes to expand the Carolina Synchro Club over the next few years and have more girls competing at all levels.

According to Schulte, there will be two Carolina Synchro summer camps at Huntersville Family Fitness & Aquatics Center in August for beginner swimmers. No synchro experience is required, although swimmers are expected to be able to swim at least 25 yards, tread water for at least 30 seconds and be deep water safe.

The camp will teach beginning synchro skills, including a routine. An informal show will be held on the last day of camp to showcase the routine.