Lake Norman & Mooresville

Dreams, sacrifices are a part of the role

She can memorize 15 sentences after reciting them three times.

When Makayla McCarty, 7, auditions for a film, she said she pictures herself "in the place that goes with the lines and the producers as my family."

Her first audition was for the movie comedy "Jack and Jill," starring Adam Sandler.

She auditioned for a part in "Twilight 4 - Breaking Dawn," too.

To prepare for that audition, she had to memorize and practice five scenes over the course of one evening. She didn't get the part.

Last year she got the part of young Brooke on "One Tree Hill," a television drama for young adults on the CW network.

Makayla also wants to publish the two books she has written - one about wildlife and one about a turtle. She lives on Sundown Road with Rock and Roll, her two pet turtles; Shadow, her pet fish; her younger sister, Kacey; and parents, Candy and Kerry, who both work at Lake Norman Hospital.

Makayla is a force when she talks about her favorite color: "Green, because it's Go Green." She is emphatic about what she would do if she were president: "Make it a law to recycle."

She sorts paper, plastic, glass and cans, separating the tops from the aluminum cans carefully so she doesn't cut her finger. Makayla is in second grade at Lake Norman Elementary.

You might catch a glimpse of her in a Carowinds commercial or see her photos on the Make A Wish calendar.

In a Valvoline commercial with NASCAR driver Carl Edwards, Makayla said, "You can barely see me; only my pigtails!" but she got his autograph and he gave her a lucky penny.

Makayla's mother said the Disney Channel inspired Makayla, then 4, to want to be an actress. Makayla is represented by the Carolina Talent agency. Makayla's agent, Marc Soper, agency director of Carolina Talent, said Makayla is a great talent and "humble and easy-going."

She's missed birthday parties while waiting for hours to try out for a part, but she doesn't mind. Makayla wants to follow her dreams. Her mother said that if her daughter wants to go for it, she wants to let her try and she doesn't want her to miss out on opportunity.

Candy reminds Makayla there is lots of practice and you really have to want to do it.

Makayla is "sort of sad" when she doesn't get a part, but she said she thinks, "Maybe the next time."

When she was on location for "One Tree Hill," Makayla said she "actually felt like Brooke."

It was cold and there were heaters to keep her warm on the set, hot chocolate and hot apple cider was provided. She felt like a movie star.