Lake Norman & Mooresville

School gets new home

Four years after its founding, Lake Norman Christian School will have its own space when it moves into the old Davidson IB Middle School in January.

Lake Norman Christian has rented space from Lake Norman Baptist Church in Huntersville since it opened, said Principal Sarah Beam.

But according to a lease agreement, the private school started renting the old building, at 251 South St. in Davidson, for $3,333 a month in November.

Davidson IB was one of nearly a dozen schools that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools closed last year amid budget cuts. The school's 250 students relocated to J.M. Alexander this fall.

Ronna Green, whose daughter Chloe is in the sixth grade at Lake Norman Christian, said many families believe the new school is a gift from God.

"Lake Norman Baptist has been a wonderful opportunity in that they have housed us. But we're growing out of our doors and windows," she said. "The new building is an older building, but it's a good, solid building."

School staff and volunteers will start preparing the Davidson building during several workdays this year. Faculty and staff will relocate on Jan. 2. The school's 110 students, from kindergarten to ninth grade, will start attending the school after their holiday break ends.

Beam said parents have been "overwhelmingly in favor" of the relocation.

Although it may mean a longer commute for some parents, it will also mean easier access to the school for Mooresville and Statesville families.

Beam said the school plans to hire a bus service in the future. In the interim, the school will help plan carpools where needed.

"The new building affords our students the opportunity to be in a natural school environment," she said.

Plus, the move will mean more stability for the school's teachers, said Green.

"It would be wonderful for the teachers not to have to break down and set up twice a week because they're using a shared space," she said. "It's going to be more beneficial to walk in on Monday morning and start class."

Beam said the lease agreement is a win-win because the private school is helping CMS financially as well.

Last year's school closings are expected to save the district nearly $10 million in the first two years and more than $6million every year after that, according to CMS.