Lake Norman & Mooresville

Lake Norman area ranks road projects

Driving around in the Mooresville area may get a lot easier once a number of proposed road projects are completed.

Last month, the Lake Norman Rural Planning Organization's transportation advisory committee approved a priority list of 25 local road projects.

The Lake Norman RPO includes Iredell, Lincoln and Cleveland counties, as well as the western part of Gaston County.

The group considered several factors, including crash data, economic benefits and local impact, said Mooresville transportation planner Neil Burke.

"I think it's wise to make decisions based upon available data, but it's also important to emphasize each community's local needs," he said.

Consequently, local road projects were often given priority over regional projects in the list, said Burke.

The advisory committee plans to submit its list to the state Department of Transportation soon, he said. The list will be evaluated next to the priority list submitted by Division 12 of the DOT.

Still, Burke acknowledged that the priority list the state ultimately approves will serve only as a guideline for future projects.

"Even if a ranking comes in first or second, it's all going to depend on available funding," he said.