Lake Norman & Mooresville

Mothers of Multiples hosts annual sale

For shoppers seeking bargains on baby gear and children’s clothes, an upcoming sale may appear to give them double vision.

Lake Norman Mothers of Multiples, a local nonprofit, will host its Fall/Winter Consignment Sale 7 a.m.-1 p.m. Sept. 6 at Brawley Middle School in Mooresville.

According to coordinator Kia Cook, the sale is a financial lifesaver for many mothers who regularly encounter the sticker shock of needing two or more of everything from baby swings to highchairs.

“You don’t anticipate having more than one child at a time, so it can be quite an adjustment to go from thinking about providing for one baby versus two or more. It’s a completely different frame of mind,” she said.

However, Cook said the sale is a great way to save, even for parents of “singletons,” as she referred to one-baby-at-a-time mothers.

“It’s definitely not just a sale for multiples. Since we all have at least double the equipment, clothing, etc., it’s a great way for the public to get a tremendous amount of merchandise at great deals,” she said.

The cash-only sale is open to the public and includes gently used children’s and maternity clothing, toys and baby equipment.

There is a great selection of such items as double strollers and matching outfits in the same size. Many of the items are very gently used and priced at about 75 percent of what they would be in stores.

Proceeds from the sale are put directly back into the club to support members and community outreach.

The club’s monthly meetings and social activities for members are geared toward supporting the challenges of raising multiples. Topics are based on interests and past experiences from mothers of multiples and current challenges.

Andrea Kiser, mother of a set of 5-year-old twins and a 3-year-old son, has been a part of the organization for the past five years. She said Lake Norman Mothers of Multiples provides support for new moms who have some hard transitions.

“We call new moms before and after they have their babies, checking in and arranging meals. Many of our mothers have preemies and have additional challenges with that,” Kiser said.

“I have had friends who have had to set a timer to get up every two hours to feed. It takes some time to get a system going when you are managing two or more,” Kiser said.