Lake Norman & Mooresville

Drivers, watch out for walkers on streets and parking lots

Almost every day, to get some exercise, my friend and I take a walk through Cornelius.

If it’s not too late, we walk in Jetton Park. If it’s getting too dark, we take one of my dogs with us, and we walk through neighborhoods or on the main streets of Cornelius.

While the weather is still nice, we also walk to local grocery stores, restaurants and coffee shops. The exercise makes us feel better. The break of stopping at the business and perhaps having a cup of coffee makes for an interesting trip. And we get to talk to neighbors on the way or at our destination.

We make sure to wear bright clothing so we are easily visible. We walk in areas where there are sidewalks, look both ways when we cross the street, and cross major streets at the crosswalks.

One of us always brings a phone, and we do not use our headphones if we decide to play music. After taking precautions, however, we’ve had a problem with drivers not paying attention.

For example, one afternoon last week, we decided to walk the big block of West Catawba Avenue, Jetton Road extension and Sefton Park Road. We had turned from Catawba onto Jetton Road extension and were about to cross the far entrance to the parking lot where the new Publix will be.

We looked both ways for cars going in and out of the parking lot, and the closest cars we saw were stopped back at the traffic lights on Catawba. So we proceeded to cross the entrance, only to have to immediately jump back.

We were almost hit by a black SUV, speeding around the corner into the parking lot. The driver had failed to signal to turn and was busy talking on the phone.

The driver parked and got out of the car, walked across the parking lot to the restaurant, continuing to talk on the phone. I don’t think the driver ever even saw us on the sidewalk.

Please, drivers, realize that Cornelius still has a hometown atmosphere. Lots of residents – especially those of us who have lived here a long time – walk to get to where we are going. Please pay attention to your driving and stay off your phone.

And maybe join us and walk to your destination. You’ll save some money, get some exercise and meet your neighbors.