Lake Norman & Mooresville

Exit 28 bridge to close Jan. 9-12

From midnight Jan. 9 until 6 a.m. Jan. 12, the N.C. Department of Transportation will close the bridge over I-77 at Exit 28.

The bridge will be closed to all through traffic, including motor vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. Right-turns onto and off I-77 will be allowed, though.

Detour signs will be posted. If the scheduled work is completed early, the bridge will be opened then for normal traffic. That schedule is subject to change due to weather conditions.

As part of the diverging diamond interchange, a mast and cabling system is being installed across the Exit 28 bridge. The closure is to install that system.

The CATS Village Rider, VR97, will continue to operate, making all regularly scheduled stops, but will have to alter times of stops because of the bridge detour.

As NCDOT or contractor Blythe supplies more information, the town will provide updates.

For information and to see a drawing of what will be done, go to and search “Diverging Diamond Interchange.”

Cornelius resolutions

2015 has already started, but I ask that everyone in Cornelius to consider adding two resolutions to the ones you’ve already made.

Both of these resolutions are a result of a recent column of mine about walking through Cornelius. I got lots of email response from that column.

The first resolution is to be more careful and follow the laws in driving in our town. Stop at the stop signs. Pay attention and try to stay off the phone. And, please, use your turn signals.

Many people wrote me that they had also almost been hit while trying to cross the street in Cornelius, all the result of people not following the laws or not paying attention.

The second resolution is to take pride in our town and pick up after yourself. As my friends and I take our daily walks, we have to pick up and step over liquor bottles and cans, fast-food containers, and dog poop.

If we all just kept our trash in the car until we got home and cleaned up after our animals, our town would look a lot nicer.

So please consider adding those two resolutions to the changes you plan to make for 2015.