The Cowfish restaurant closed Saturday after employee, diner illness

The Cowfish is a popular restaurant in Charlotte’s South Park area.
The Cowfish is a popular restaurant in Charlotte’s South Park area. Cowfish.com via WBTV

A popular Charlotte restaurant was closed Saturday after it said some of its employees and customers became sick.

“We are taking a precautionary and voluntary step and will be closed today after some of our employees fell ill with flu like symptoms and we received reports from diners of sickness,” The Cowfish announced on its Facebook page.

The restaurant re-opened normally Sunday. A manager said there was no new information to share.

What led to the illnesses is not immediately clear.

The Mecklenburg health department visited the South Park restaurant, but “did not find any issues with sanitation that could have caused the flu-like symptoms,” the county said in a news release on Saturday. The restaurant was undergoing a thorough cleaning and sanitizing, according to the release.

The restaurant said it planned to reopen Sunday.

In its release, the county said The Cowfish has been “extremely responsive and proactive in this situation and reached out to the health department for guidance.”

The Cowfish is located along the 4300 block of Sharon Road near the South Park Mall.

WBTV, the Observer’s media partner, contributed to this report.

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