Black bear spotted in Mint Hill, police say


Just days after black bear sightings in York County, Mint Hill police say a black bear has been spotted in nearby Union County as well.

Mint Hill Police say they began receiving reports Tuesday afternoon that a black bear was in the area.

Wednesday morning, officers say they spotted a black bear along Bartlett Road around 11 a.m.

The officer was only able to get within 100 yards of the bear before it started to run in the opposite direction. The officer said he was not able to determine the size or age of the bear.

The 8300 block of Bartlett Road, where the bear was spotted, is a rural area.

The bear appears to be traveling north running parallel to Interstate 485. The bear has remained within a 2-mile radius of the first reported sighting.

The Mint Hill Police Department has been in contact with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Enforcement Division and they have respond to the area.

Residents in the area are asked to make sure that all food items left outside are put away and to make sure all trash can lids are tightly secured.

“Please make sure that you secure your pets that may be outside,” police in Mint Hill said. “And if you have a fenced-in yard, make sure the fence is secure, this should keep the bear out of your yard.”

If you see the bear, call 911 and tell them where it is. Do not try to trap or subdue the black bear.