Members of Salisbury church report troubling incident during revival

By David Whisenant 


The Rowan Sheriff's Office is investigating after a member of a Salisbury church reported a troubling incident that he said took place during a revival service on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, church deacon James Greene told deputies that during the service at St. Luke Baptist Church on Hawkinstown Road, three white men entered the African-American church carrying "black nylon shoulder bags."

Greene said that two of the men remained at the back of the church, while the third "got into the pulpit with the pastor while he was preaching."  As this was happening, Greene said that one of the other men took pictures on his phone.

Once the service ended, Greene said that he approached the men and told them that they were welcome to attend services, but that "they may want to consider leaving their shoulder bags in their vehicle."

Greene said that one of the men was from Texas, one from Idaho, and the third did not say where he was from.

No one called 911 or took any pictures, according to investigators.  They say the men were only described as white, and in their late 20s.  There was no vehicle description.

Investigators told Greene that they would follow up and would have a deputy check on the church as revival services continued.

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