More than 30 new NC laws go into effect Tuesday

More than 30 new laws go into effect Tuesday across the state of North Carolina.

The new laws focus on everything from protecting children from harmful e-cigarette liquid to setting new penalties for sex abuse and cyberstalking.

One law, House Bill 113, makes it a felony for teachers or other school personnel who are less than four years older than a victim to engage in sex acts with a student.

Laws aimed at cracking down on cyberstalking now make it a class 2 misdemeanor if an adult is tracking another adult with a GPS device. Parents are still allowed to track their children with a GPS device like a cellphone.

Senate Bill 286 will require a child-proof cap for e-cigarette liquid containers if they include nicotine. Not having a cap will result in a misdemeanor. The goal is to make sure children aren’t drinking the flavored liquid. Reports have already surfaced about this problem in other states.

In 2013, operators of the Vortex, a ride at the North Carolina State Fair, bypassed the automatic shutoff switch on the ride. That tampering caused injuries to five people.

A new bill, effective Tuesday, makes ride operators liable for fines and criminal penalties if that happens again.

Doctors and National Guard members also get protection under the new laws.

It will now be considered a felony if an on-duty National Guard member is assaulted. The same goes for doctors or other heath providers if they are at a hospital.