Charges dropped for Concord man accused of not returning ‘Freddy Got Fingered’ VHS

James Meyers Jr.
James Meyers Jr.

Charges were dropped against a man who was accused of not returning a “Freddy Got Fingered” VHS tape.

James Meyers Jr. was pulled over in March by Concord police. That’s when he learned he had s a warrant out for his arrest that had been pending since 2002. The warrant was issued by J&J Video out of Salisbury.

About a month later, on April 27, Meyers made his appearance in court wanting his name cleared. The judge dropped the charges against Meyers.

In March, Meyer posted on his Facebook page that he didn’t return a VHS version of Tom Green’s “Freddy Got Fingered” in 2001 and noted that the video store closed down more than a decade ago.

Meyers’ story circulated online after he was arrested and his friend sent information to actor Tom Green, whose movie wasn’t returned. Green reached out to Meyers and even tweeted about the arrest, saying, “I just saw this and I am struggling to believe it is real.”