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The latest group of Boy Scouts to earn Eagle rank

Davis Beck
Davis Beck

Here is the most recent list of Eagle Scouts. Information was submitted by the Mecklenburg County Council Boy Scouts of America. The information includes name, troop number, troop sponsor and parents’ names. In some cases the Eagle Scout submitted a brief description of his project.

Tucker Taschke, Troop 87, Crosspointe Alliance Church, Charlotte 28269, Mike Taschke.

Tucker renovated a memorial to three former students of JM Alexander Middle School, Huntersville, who were killed in a traffic accident on their school bus in 1991. A granite plaque and a bench were installed at the site located on the school campus. Tucker with his Principal, Angela Richardson then lead a re-dedication ceremony for the memorial on May 17, the 25th anniversary of the accident. The parents of all three of the children were in attendance.

“I learned that I have to be organized, that I need know when to rely on others for help and advice, and that it is not easy to be in charge and the leader but it is super satisfying to do something right.”

Grant Kroeschell, Troop 119, South Mecklenburg Presbyterian Church, Bruce and Susan Kroeschell.

“I refurbished a pump shed at South Mecklenburg Presbyterian Church by adding new siding, a skylight and new door. I also painted the shed and landscaped the surrounding area. ...

“The most important thing learned was how to complete tasks by splitting up workers into small groups.”

Jake Nowokunski, Troop 119, South Mecklenburg Presbyterian Church, Scott and Kelly Nowokunski.

“For my Eagle Project, I built nine doghouses for the Humane Society of Charlotte. The Humane Society donates these doghouses to families that own dogs in low-income areas. They also build a fence for the family so that the dog has a safe and open area to play. ...

“I learned that leadership isn’t about doing all the work by yourself, it’s about learning how to delegate responsibilities effectively.”

Jacob Cantrell, Troop 11, Boy Scouts Of America, John and Ashley Cantrell.

“As a soccer goalie, and my love for soccer I decided to plant four oak trees and build three park benches next to the soccer fields at Freedom Park. I noticed that soccer families had nowhere to sit and very little shade was available to them. I thought the fields could use some shade and some seating around the field. It took two days to build the benches and a full day for the trees with the assistance of 20 people.”

Drew Cottrill, Troop 49, Back Creek Church ARP, Jon and Cheryl Cottrill.

“I designed and built a picnic shelter at Back Creek Presbyterian Church in Charlotte. The shelter was created for the preschool at the church. It provides some much needed shade for the students and teachers. I attended the Preschool and Academy at Back Creek Presbyterian Church, and wanted to give back to some of my former teachers. ...

“I learned organization and communication skills in working on my Eagle project. I had to organize all aspects of the project. I learned to communicate on different levels; whether I was talking with the Zoning department for a permit, or my friends on what needed done next.”

PJ Yoder, Troop 16, First Presbyterian Church, Paul and Suzy Yoder.

“Thanks to the help of many friends, we constructed a large pallet fence around the community garden at Refugee Support Services in Charlotte. This fence allowed the refugee families to plant and grow for themselves and for local food banks. ...

“I learned the importance of preparation so that I was as efficient as possible to maximize our volunteers' time

Mark Windham, Troop 118, St. Stephen United Methodist Church, Denise and Brian Windham.

“My Eagle Scout project consisted of work done at an outdoor seating area at St. Stephen United Methodist Church. It included refurbishing a damaged retaining wall, adding mulch, and providing new industrial picnic tables. I also cleaned and refurbished an adjoining path, along with providing new metal lights. Landscaping in the area, including the removal of tree limbs, helped complete the project. ...

“This project taught me valuable business and organizational skills. Having a great team of volunteers to help me was essential and greatly appreciated.”

Reece Beck, Troop 72, Bethel Presbyterian Church in Cornelius, Amanda and Sheldon Smith/ Tim and Jane Beck.

“For my Eagle Project, I built three free standing book shelves and one built in bookshelf in an attic storage area for Community in Christ Church. The built in bookshelf was constructed on site around a large air conditioner duct in order to utilize all the storage area space. The free standing book shelves will allow them to be moved so they can be used in a variety of configurations as their storage needs change. ...

“I learned how important it is to plan in advance each step of the process so that managing other people during the project goes smoothly and as much as possible can be accomplished in the time allotted.”

Davis Beck, Troop 72, Bethel Presbyterian Church, Amanda and Sheldon Smith/ Tim and Jane Beck.

“For my Eagle Project, I built six 8-foot long park type benches to be used on the activity/athletic field of my high school, The Community School of Davidson. These benches will be used by the school, neighborhood and community groups. Because there were no benches on this field, people had to sit on the ground. They now have a place to rest and store their belongings when using the field. ...

“I learned that budgeting time and resources is vitally important to the success of any project. Without proper planning you can quickly lose focus and the project can fall apart.”