South Charlotte

Send us preschool, after-school information

Not many people are ready to talk about the start of school next fall, but when that time comes, parents will want information in an organized, easy-to-find way.

That’s where your Community News sections will help.

We’re starting to build a database that will list preschool and after-school programs from around the region. It’ll be similar to the annual summer-camps list we publish each spring.

We’ll provide a searchable database in which parents can look up preschools and after-school programs near them. Starting today, we’re inviting program providers to put their information into our database site.

Go online to:

Fill out the form, and we’ll do the rest. The database of preschool and after-school programs will be available in July, when we publish our annual back-to-school information in the various Community News sections circulated throughout the Charlotte region.

Information in those sections will highlight providers in the geographic area where that section is circulated. The complete list will be available only online, at

Providers have until June 30 to enter their information. There is no charge.