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Eagle Scouts named in April

Carter Bugg
Carter Bugg

Here is the most recent list of Eagle Scouts and information they submitted to the Mecklenburg County Council. Information includes the Scout's name, troop number and sponsor, parents’ names and, in some cases, a description of their project.

Thomas Reed

Troop 198, St. Luke Catholic Church

David and Jill Reed

Project: Designed and installed a human sundial in Blair Mill Park in Stallings to engage park visitors in an interactive outdoor activity using a science theme. The sundial uses a person as the gnomon that is the object used to cast a shadow. An analemmatic sundial consists of hour points rather than hour lines, which are laid out in an elliptical pattern. The gnomon moves according to the day of the year to account for the change in latitude of the sun throughout the year.

Michael Miltich

Troop 72, Bethel Presbyterian Church

Dr. Michael and Ann Miltich

Project: I built eight wood duck nesting boxes as wildlife habitats and installed them around N2 and N3 islands in Lake Norman. Ken Teeter with the LNWC was my benefactor contact and resource person. Scouts in Troop 72 assisted me in the construction and installation of the nesting boxes. The boxes will be checked and cleaned every fall as a family project. I learned about management of time and supervision of various skill levels while performing the construction and installation of the nesting boxes.

Chadwick Perry

Troop 11, Hugh Daughtry

Phyllis and Keith Perry

Project: For my Eagle Scout project, I did a kitchen cabinet remodel at Caldwell Memorial Presbyterian Church. First, we took off the cabinets and unscrewed the old handles, hinges, and catches. Then we cleaned them, sanded them, and repainted the cabinets. After that, we installed new handles, hinges, and catches. Lastly, we screwed the cabinets back into place. The church had asked me to do this because they wanted to turn their gym into a meeting place where they could have families come in and sit down to eat. The kitchen is inside the gym and it hasn’t been worked on since the 1960s.

The most important thing I learned after completing my Eagle Scout project was being a good citizen to get this project done for this church. The scout oath states that we should always help other people at all times, and so this project really shows how we can help other people around the community.

Taylor Kerr

Troop 13, University City Methodist Church

Julie and Christian Kerr

Project: I really love the arts so I decided to make acoustic panels for my schools music rooms, That way while we are singing in the rooms we can hear our voices in a way we could never hear them before. I made 42 acoustic panels from scratch.

I learned that anything can be finished in only a couple hours if you work as a team and have a good leader who is organized.

Liam Childers

Troop 119, South Mecklenburg Presbyterian Church

Ron and Carmen Childers

Project: I was assigned two rooms in the child care area of a church that required old tiled carpet to be pulled out and replaced with ceramic tile flooring. This project had to be completed within five days before the start of the new school year. The first several days were the hardest since we had to rip up the old carpet which was glued to the floor for over 10 years. The work was strenuous and labor intensive requiring the help of 12 Scouts and two adults. After the carpet was removed, we had to scrape all of the old glue off the cement and prepare the area for the new ceramic tile. I reached out to a tile expert to get his advice on how to install the new tiles. After Purchasing 25 cases of tile as well as all the tools needed to install it, the room transitioned from a dated dingy room into a bright clean room where the kids could play for years to come. The transition from carpet to tile also made the room more hygienic and easy to keep clean. All this was accomplished in approximately 150 man hours and a total of $1,063.03 was raised to fund the whole project.

What I learned most was leadership does not come easy. With multiple people working on this project, patience was critical to accomplish our goal.

Carter Bugg

Troop 15, St. Francis United Methodist Church

Jeannette and Robert Bugg

Project: The design and installation of landscaping and hardscaping around a newly constructed athletic facility at Charlotte Christian School. Scouts assembled wooden benches ahead of time. Workdays were coordinated to install benches, plant shrubs and trees around the building foundation and spread pine straw. Coordination with the school ensured ongoing watering and maintenance of the new plants.

I learned that organization was key to the success of this project. Multiple work days required lots of volunteer recruiting to ensure there was enough help.

Ross Flynn

Troop 118, St. Stephen United Methodist Church

Donna and James Flynn

Project: Designed and constructed 54 presentation benches for Historic Latta Plantation. Doubled the seating capacity for school presentations.

I learned organization, leadership and flexibility in completing a complex project

▪ Kalyb Kemper, Troop 156, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Huntersville, Robert Kemper.

▪ Brock Wesolek, Troop 19, Huntersville Presbyterian Church, Mike and Tracy Wesolek.

▪ John Robertson, Troop 116, St. Johns Episcopal Church, Charlotte, Allen Robertson.

▪ Chester Ayd, Troop 79, Carmel Presbyterian Church, AJ and Natsuko Ayd.

▪ David Jackson, Troop 72, Bethel Presbyterian Church, Cornelius, David Jackson.

▪ Michael Miltich, Bethel Presbyterian Church, Cornelius, Dr. Michael and Ann Miltich.

▪ DiAnte' Fogle, Troop 315, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Charlotte, Pamela Taylor.

▪ Jesse Hopper, Troop 355, Sharon Road United Methodist Men’s Club, Charlotte, Doug and Marsha Hopper.

▪ Anthony Sciabarrasi, Troop 167, Good Shepherd United Methodist Church, Marcia Sciabarrasi.

▪ Liam Childers, Troop 119, South Mecklenburg Presbyterian Church, Carmen Childers.

▪ Thomas Reed, Troop 198, St. Luke Catholic Church, Matthews, David and Jill Reed.

▪ Pennington Conrad, Troop 162, St. Anns Catholic Church, Charlotte, Tara Conrad.

▪ Jordan Mattingley, Troop 1830, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Harrisburg Ward, Jason Mattingley.

▪ Davis Simas, Troop 55, Myers Park Presbyterian Church, Caroline and David Simas.

▪ Taylor Kerr, Troop 13, University City United Methodist Church.

▪ Carson Flynn, Troop 118, St. Stephen United Methodist Church, Donna and James Flynn.

▪ Roman Moise, Troop 159, Windrow Homeowners Association, Indian Trail, Myrtho Moise.

▪ Carter Bugg, Troop 15, St. Francis United Methodist Church, Charlotte, Robert Bugg.

▪ Chadwick Perry Jr., Troop 11, Providence United Methodist Church, Keith and Phyllis Perry.

▪ Brandon Kathman, Troop 148, Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church, Alan Kathman.