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Newest group of Boy Scouts to earn highest honor

Hoke Thompson
Hoke Thompson

Here is the most recent list of Eagle Scouts. Information was submitted by the Mecklenburg County Council Boy Scouts of America. The information includes name, troop number, troop sponsor and parents’ names. In some cases the Eagle Scout submitted a brief description of his project.

Bryden Michael Reed, Troop 7, Pineville United Methodist Church, Rone Reed.

Eric Daniel Schneider, Troop 11, Providence United Methodist Church, Charlotte, Peter and Kimberlee Schneider.

Jacob Carter Dalton, Troop 140, Cross Crown Lutheran Church, Charlotte, Curt and Robin Dalton.

Joshua Caudle, Troop 148, Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, Lisa Caudle.

Luigi Antonio Diasparra, Troop 56, Steele Creek Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, Vangee Diasparra.

Victor Christian Salanger, Troop 8, St. Matthew Catholic, Charlotte, Carolyne Salanger.

William Parker Mitchell, Troop 330, Stonebridge Church Community, Charlotte, Cynthia Mitchell.

Zachary J. Johnson, Troop 144, Blair Road United Methodist Men, Mint Hill, James and Karen Johnson.

Joseph R. Johnson, Troop 144, Blair Road United Methodist Men, Mint Hill, James and Karen Johnson.

Eliot Clifford McGinnis, Troop 34, Sharon Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, Cliff and Elise McGinnis.

Jackson Monroe Dryer, Troop 164, Providence Presbyterian Church, Amy Dryer.

Austin Albert Martinez, Troop 13, University City United Methodist, Charlotte.

Glenn Thomas Luther, Troop 65, Philadelphia Presbyterian Church, Mint Hill, David Luther.

Jerry Shukes, Troop 162, St. Ann Catholic Church, Charlotte, Scott and Kimberlee Shukes.

Philip Patterson, Troop 1, Church of the Holy Comforter, Charlotte, Keith Patterson.

Andrew Sherwood Robinson, Troop 174, St. Gabriel Catholic Church, Charlotte, Judy Robinson.

Matthew Anderson Craig, Troop 55, Myers Park Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, David Jones.

Dylan Michael Semon, Troop 148, Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, Nancy and Michael Semon.

Zachary Evan Marti, Troop 58, Lions Club of Davidson, Laura Marti.

James Thomas, Troop 118, St. Stephen Methodist Church, Charlotte, Patricia and Walter Thomas.

Project: I organized volunteers to construct 10 benches for use around athletic fields at The Fletcher School. James also coordinated beautification efforts of the school campus.

I learned communication and organization skills that were necessary to complete a large project involving many people.

Ethan Robert Noetling, Troop 55, Myers Park Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, Cynthia Bartholomew and Russ Noetling.

Project: I led the design and construction of an iguana cage for the Charlotte Nature Museum. The iguana had been donated to the museum, but it was living in a small cage in the director’s office where it could not be viewed by the public. The new cage allows more space for the iguana to grow, roam and be observed by visitors. Its new location is in the popular butterfly pavilion. The cage took 240 hours to complete. It stands 6 feet tall and measures 3 feet by 6 feet.

The most important thing I learned is that you need to be flexible, optimistic and persistent. I learned how important it is to plan, but even when everything doesn’t go as planned, it is important to stay on track and keep focused in order to get the job done.

Ross Woods, Troop 33, Sardis Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, Amy and Kevin Woods.

Project: I built a small outdoor amphitheater behind St. John’s Methodist church on Monroe Road. I installed eight permanent benches and pavers on the adjacent trail. Many families who attend the church live in the apartments through the woods behind the church and use the trail. My project helps these families walk to church easier and gives the church a place to hold sermons and other speeches or performances outdoors.

I learned what it’s like to plan and organize a project from scratch. The Eagle scout project has taught me leadership and planning skills I will need for future projects and teamwork.

David Gatton, Troop 8, St. Matthew Catholic Church, Charlotte, Angie and Eric Gatton.

Project: I replaced all of the decking boards on two swinging bridges at Anne Springs Close Greenway in Fort Mill, S.C. I learned leadership and service to my community.

Will Anderson, Troop 55, Myers Park Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, Mary and Brian Anderson.

Project: I coordinated the removal of an unsafe arbor and brick walkway at Wing Haven Gardens. Then we built four cinder block walls to house debris for mulch and compost. My project totaled 206 man-hours of work.

I learned a great deal about myself. It was such a great feeling to have accomplished the project. Now I’d like to think I could build anything.

Jackson Styers, Troop 186, Robinson Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, Mark and Wendy Styers.

Project: Organized a church grounds beautification by planting over 20 trees. My project required that I get everyone to stay focused on the task to get the job done.

Jonathan Jagielski, Troop 3, Myers Park United Methodist Church, Charlotte, Elizabeth and Jerry Jagielski.

Project: My Eagle project was to extend and resurface the baseball warning track at Charlotte Christian School. Making these improvements will ensure that players can better judge where they are in relation to the outfield walls therefore reducing injuries. We also fenced an electrical panel to shield it from fans and players. Drainage issues were also addressed in my project.

I learned that my hours of planning helped the project go quicker and smoother with my volunteers. Also, since I had a personal target completion date that I wanted to achieve, planning each phase prior to beginning the project helped me allocate my time appropriately.

Matt Long, Troop 133, Sardis Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, Dana and Matt Long.

Project: For my Eagle Scout Project, I designed and built Americans with Disabilities Act accessible picnic tables, ADA accessible raised planter beds and a sensory table for Rama Road Elementary school. After building the planters they were located in the courtyard of Rama Road Elementary. Special needs students are now able to participate and enjoy the outdoor courtyard area along with their peers.

The most important skill I learned was leadership. Without leadership and taking initiative, then my project would never have been finished.

Zachary Kokatnur, Troop 8, St. Matthew Catholic Church, Charlotte, Deen and Cheryl Kokatnur.

Project: My Eagle Scout project was to renovate a prayer garden at Jackson Park Ministries. The garden will provide visitors and residents with a sense of peace when walking around the ministry grounds and will designate an area for prayer. The project consisted of weed clearing, followed by installation of mulch, gravel, and sidewalk lights. Three benches were built for the garden. The most important lesson I learned is the value of group input when making leadership decisions.

TJ O’ Brien-Pifer, Troop 144, Blair Road United Methodist Church, Mint Hill, James Pifer and Tara O’Brien.

Project: My project was a renovation of the pond nature area at my church, St. Luke. We cleaned storm damage and built a rain barrier to try to prevent future damage. I had 26 volunteers from both my troop and the church who all did a fantastic job. I learned that you don’t have to stick to the plan, if you see something that will make the project better, then go ahead and do it.

John Brown, Troop 97, St. Mark Catholic Church, Huntersville, Rhett and Barbara Brown.

Project: I corrected drainage issues by installing a drainage system in the back yard of the Angels and Sparrows Soup Kitchen. I also installed a pathway from the building to a storage shed so volunteers there can push a cart to the storage shed, making it easier to get the food for preparation each day.

The most important things that I learned was to lead by example and to always have a backup plan.

Griffin Hazzard, Troop 11, Providence United Methodist Church, Charlotte, Merritt Hazzard.

Project: My team and I emptied, cleaned, repainted, shelved, and reorganized the Room in the Inn Storage Room at Covenant Presbyterian Church. I learned to work smarter, not harder.

Thomas Burnett, Troop 118, St. Stephen United Methodist Church, Charlotte, Frank and Mary Burnett.

Project: I built a 65-foot gravel path and installed a drain at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte. The path connects a cement patio leading into the church with a playground for preschoolers. The purpose of the path and drain is to prevent erosion while also creating a more pleasant walking surface.

I improved my leadership and planning skills and also learned that with cooperation, many people working together can easily and quickly accomplish large, tedious tasks.

Hoke Thompson, Troop 133, Sardis Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, Emerson and Ellen Thompson.

Project: I renovated and updated the Slave and Native American Cemetery at Sardis Presbyterian Church. I led a group of scouts, adults and other volunteers in clearing out stumps, weeds and debris. Then, with the help and assistance of Andy Bobyarchick at UNC Charlotte, we conducted ground penetration radar to locate unmarked graves. Next, I led a team of Scouts and volunteers to construct a “battlefield” style fence around the perimeter of the cemetery, using black locust rails. Finally, I installed a gravel path leading to the entrance of the cemetery.

I learned how important leadership is when conducting a group project. I became a better leader. I also found that I was driven to make the project great for the sake of the people buried in that sacred ground.

Jordan Hardesty, Troop 19, Huntersville Presbyterian Church, Dan and Val Hardesty.

Project: I re-established a walkway up to the Performing Arts building of my school, Northwest School of the Arts, which had become a major safety issue. I also built and placed three park benches beside the bottom of the new walkway. The benches were anchored to the ground and met the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The benches gave students a place to sit while waiting for their rides in the carpool line.

The most important thing I learned is that in order to achieve your vision, you have to be persistent and organized to see the full project through. The project may have taken a few workdays to execute, but it took months of relentless behind-the-scenes work to make sure that this project would be a possibility. My final result is as satisfactory as it is because I persevered through any struggle that I faced while developing this project.