South Charlotte

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Your contributions

We can accept color or black-and-white photographs, but we must be able to clearly see faces.

We love your digital photos. If you e-mail a photo, send your largest JPEG file. If you mail us a printout from your computer, use photo paper. We can't reproduce photos printed on plain paper.

We also love traditional prints. They must be mailed (not faxed), and we won't be able to return them.

If you're sending a photograph, it can be color or black and white. We'll need to know names of the people in the picture (from left to right, if possible), where they are and what they're doing. Also tell us when it was taken.

We do not accept photos that have had special effects or alterations. Normal corrections, such as red-eye removal, are acceptable.

Include a phone number where we can reach you, in case we have questions.

Send submissions to:

Neighbors of South Mecklenburg

10810 Independence Pointe Parkway

Suite D

Matthews, NC 28105