South Charlotte

Moms group samples cultures through food

A group of moms at the British American School in south Charlotte are celebrating the school's international community through food.

The International Gourmet Moms group dines at different ethnic restaurants about every six weeks to learn about other cultures.

“A few of us had gotten together with our kids and were talking about how a lot of our families speak another language at home,” says member Jessica Garcia.

“We thought it would be fun to share each other's cultures. We rotate taking turns selecting a new restaurant and usually select places none of us has been to yet.”

About a dozen moms of now rising first-graders show up at each gathering, and the teachers are invited, too.

“It's a way we can further build the community of our school,” Garcia says.

The first outing was to Gran Havana, a Cuban eatery on Albemarle Road. Since then, they've gone to Ethiopian, Honduran, Indian and Mexican restaurants.

“Tamarind on Carmel Road was a big hit,” Garcia said. “The food and service were wonderful, and it was probably our most memorable experience.”

She also said the Ethiopian restaurant was an adventure.

“We didn't have utensils to eat with, so it was about opening our minds and being willing to try new things,” she says.