South Charlotte

New rules on recycling

Some businesses in town will have to separate and recycle corrugated cardboard and office paper they used to throw away.

As of July 1, the town became part of Mecklenburg County's Solid Waste System. The Matthews town board voted last month to make that move.

At their meeting Monday evening, commissioners passed a resolution giving the county permission to enforce the Source Separation Ordinance that is a part of the Solid Waste System.

The ordinance will affect businesses that produce 16 cubic yards or more of waste each week.

Those companies will have to obtain a separate container to discard waste paper and cardboard, and will have to contract with a private waste hauler for periodic pickup or deliver it to a recycling center themselves.

Bruce Gledhill, Director of Solid Waste with Mecklenburg County, says his department will take a look at area businesses and if they are filling two eight-cubic-yard containers each week, that company will have to look closer at its trash.

If it turns out they are generating 500 pounds or more of waste corrugated cardboard or office paper, they will be required to recycle.

“We really don't know how many businesses will be affected,” Gledhill said.

Ralph Messera, Matthews Public Works Director, says most businesses that will qualify are already recycling.

Gledhill says an education campaign will be held prior to enforcing the recycling ordinance in January.