South Charlotte

Agent says McKown should go to prison

York County Coroner Doug McKown's probation agent said Thursday McKown should go to prison.

McKown's lawyer Jack Swerling says his client is didn't intentionally violate his probation and isn't guilty of some of the charges.

The coroner's case will go before a circuit court judge later this month.

McKown is accused of violating his probation by lying to an agent and supervisor about being recently arrested in North Carolina for driving while drinking, not immediately notifying an agent of his arrest and leaving the state without permission.

McKown, 39, was sentenced to a one-year probation after being convicted in May of unlawfully possessing a prescription drug, a misdemeanor charge tied to a half-pill of Viagra that police found in his home.

Gov. Mark Sanford suspended McKown in 2006 after the coroner was indicted on felony cocaine charges. McKown was acquitted of those charges in May and returned to office in June.

McKown announced his resignation last week, saying his final day as coroner will be Aug. 13.