South Charlotte

A sidewalk debate in Mint Hill

Where should Mint Hill's next side walk be built? That's a question Mint Hill commissioners are still wrestling with and have yet to decide.

Thursday evening, Mint Hill town manager Brian Welch brought a proposal to commissioners recommending that $92,000 be spent to construct a sidewalk along a portion of Lawyer's Road connecting Lawyer's Glen Retirement Living Center and the Traditions at Lawyer's Glen patio home development to Evans Road.

He said this new stretch of sidewalk would allow residents in those two areas to walk to restaurants and shops in the Mint Hill Pavilion Shopping Center.

Though the town's sidewalk plan calls for them to first be built in others areas, Welch says since this one will be built on town owned land, construction could start immediately because there would be no rights-of-ways to acquire.

Commissioner Tina Ross disagreed.

“I don't think this is our most imminent need. I don't think most residents of Lawyer's Glen are going to hike to Lowe's grocery store,” Ross said.

Ross says the most pressing need is a sidewalk along Matthews-Mint Hill Road so Mint Hill Historical Village, the new Children's World Museum and new shops at Mint Hill Village have pedestrian access.

She also expressed concerned about plans presented as the sidewalk connector included a boardwalk that may not have a handrail, and it emptied onto the side of Evans Road that doesn't have a sidewalk.

Welch suggested they mark a crosswalk on Evans Road, but Ross said she could not support a cross walk that wasn't at an intersection.

“Drivers aren't expecting people to cross the road when they aren't at an intersection. That's just an accident waiting to happen,” Ross said.

They deferred the decision until the next meeting.

In other business commissioners:

Denied a variance request by Grace Development that would have relieved the company of required installation of sidewalk and curb and gutter along Hough Road as part of their Waterleaf Development. They will have to install the infrastructure as originally approved.

Approved a conditional use permit for Carriker Carpet sales that will allow the company to continue to use five small outdoor storage facilities located beside and behind their showroom on NC-218.