South Charlotte

Colombian specialty has flavor that's special

My cousin, René Herlong of Fort Mill, had guests from Orlando recently.

His friend, Carlos Gonzalez, grew up on the Caribbean coast of Colombia in South America. He's a great cook, and he promised to teach René to make arepas, a Colombian specialty. They invited me to come. I'm so glad they did.

Arepas are puffs of corn pastry that can be filled with meat, vegetables or, in this case, eggs. They were delicious.

We were lucky enough to find the correct corn meal at Compare Foods in Rock Hill.

“It's the flour in the yellow bag with a lady painted on it,” Carlos said. We found it in the aisle with South American foods.

Yuca is a starchy root with a rough brown skin that can be prepared very much like potatoes. It is bland and responds well to flavoring. It was delicious boiled, dredged in flour and fried.