South Charlotte

Ex-auto dealer loving golf, Pilates

Business Owner

Walker Jordan has an easy going disposition with a confident smile and a smooth Southern accent. He radiates calmness that I found contagious as I spoke with him.

Jordan, 57, was born in Monroe and lived in Lancaster, S.C., until he was 12. His father started a car dealership in the area that grew into a family business of six dealerships. It was automatic that Jordan would work in the family business. He eventually bought one of the dealerships from his father to branch out on his own. Independence Nissan became Jordan's baby and was very successful for many years. He recently sold the dealership and retired.

“I worked in the automotive industry for 33 years,” he said, “and I am really enjoying being retired now.”

Jordan said that he traveled quite a bit as a business owner, so now prefers staying close to home or going to his beach house.

Super Golfer

Jordan lives in south Charlotte and is a single father. His daughter attends N.C. State in Raleigh. His son goes to Providence Day High School. “He's a really good lacrosse player,” said Jordan proudly.

Jordan himself is a tremendous golfer and plays often. He spreads his time and talents among three country clubs (Quail Hollow, Gaston and one at the beach). He enjoys the camaraderie with friends on the course. Jordan has a very low handicap, six, and says that practice and playing often are key.

“The real secret to my success lies in the Pilates that I've been doing religiously for years,” he said with that easy drawl. “I've been going to Empowering Pilates since 2004 and it's helped me immensely. By strengthening my core, my swing has really improved,” Jordan explained.


Asked what advice he night have for a novice golfer, a wry smile appeared and Jordan – ever the humorist – said: “Don't take up playing because golf is a sick disease and you can't get out of it. While it can be a lot of fun, golf can cause a good bit of frustration.” With Jordan's low handicap, I doubt he suffers from much frustration!

Empowering Pilates can be reached at 704-400-3579 for anyone else wishing to “improve their core!”