South Charlotte

Matthews field to be moved

Commissioners are close to a consensus on plans for South Trade Street.

Monday evening they tentatively approved an agreement that would move a MARA baseball field so South Trade can be widened.

All right of way for that stretch would come from the MARA side. There would be minimal impact on the homes in Chesney Glen, a subdivision across the street.

In return, the town would pay $150,000 to $175,000 to rotate and relocate the field. That work should start in November so the field will be ready for play in spring.

Widening that portion of South Trade would not begin until late spring or early summer.

Commissioners also reviewed plans for a proposed roundabout at the intersection of Country Place and South Trade Street.

Consultants presented a study showing that a roundabout offered slightly more advantages to drivers and pedestrians than an intersection with no traffic signal. They will make a final decision in the next few months so plans can be drawn up.

Public works director Ralph Messera updated commissioners on the McKee Road project.

Conceptual plans for Segment A, from Pleasant Plains to East John Street, are currently with the N.C. Department of Transportation for review. Construction costs on this phase are estimated at $3.5 million plus right-of-way costs. Work is expected to begin in spring 2009. Funding for this stretch will come from Erickson Retirement Community and the town.

Surveys are currently being performed for Segment B and C, from East John Street to Campus Ridge Road then crossing the CSX railroad tracks. The state will help fund those two segments, but not until 2013-2015. The town is working on options that would advance the money and allow the road to be built sooner.

Segment D will run from Campus Ridge Road to Independence Boulevard and will be funded by Hendrick Automotive.

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