South Charlotte

Artistic talent finds outlet in business

Arboretum-area resident Mark Dobbs is a very interesting and industrious man.

Born in Charlotte and raised in Gastonia, Dobbs knew from an early age that he had artistic talent and wanted to go into art advertising. At age 15, he had his own little business painting signs and murals for customers. He continued this through college. Dobbs eventually worked 16 years for a national billboard company.

Wanting to be independent, Dobbs and his wife, Ashley, started a business in 2005. Red Truck Media Inc. provides services related to outdoor advertising. They work with local, regional and national businesses. Offering education and guidance for advertisement, Dobbs said, “I love what I do, and Ashley is the perfect partner.”

Loves to paint

I thought the name “Red Truck” was interesting. As it turns out, so is the reason for the name. Dobbs' grandfather had a big farm in Gastonia with a lot of vehicles. He and his dad restored a '49 red Chevy. Dobbs' painting of this truck is displayed on his business cards. He paints for a hobby, and several of his paintings have been shown in local galleries and purchased. Dobbs also donates paintings to charitable causes such as his church's mission trips, the battered women's shelter and the kidney foundation.

Family man

Using oil on canvas, Dobbs mostly paints scenes featuring autos in fields, reminiscent of his grandfather's farm. He and Ashley have two daughters, Sarah and Haley, who also enjoy painting.

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