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Couple enjoy limos, ball, stars, red carpet

What's it like to be a star?

John and June Bayless know.

HBO sent a limousine to their Stallings home to take them to the airport, flew them first-class to Los Angeles, and put them up for two nights at the Four Seasons Hotel.

They walked the red carpet.

It's a lot longer than it looks on TV, John says.

The couple also attended the Governor's Ball.

They visited family and friends in California for the next week and made the HBO party after the prime-time Emmy show on Sept. 21.

John wore his new tux and June wore a new blue silk dress bought off the rack at Nordstrom in SouthPark.

John did June's makeup for the ball and the awards ceremony. She says it looked beautiful, but took forever.

They rubbed shoulders with a number of celebrities, including Tom Hanks, Jon Voight and several cast members from “30 Rock.”

“I felt like Cinderella, like I was a star of a Disney movie,” June said. “I've lived a long time and done a lot of things, but have never been treated the way I was on this trip. It was incredible.”