South Charlotte

Native of India enjoys customers

This job is a great job – both because of the people I get to meet, and because of the e-mail response this column generates. I hear from those I have written about, and from readers suggesting who I should write about next. I often stumble across people with great attitudes and smiles whom I want to get to know better. Prashant Khansaheb is such a person. He is the owner of the UPS Store in Quail Corners Shopping Center in South Charlotte, and his customers love him.

Mumbai to Charlotte

Khansaheb was born in Bombay (now Mumbai), India, and is a 1986 graduate of UNC Chapel Hill. He got his MBA at the University of Scranton. Khansaheb worked as a controller for a chemical trading company for 10 years in New York before deciding he “wanted a change from the corporate life.” He had family here in Charlotte and had visited before. “I saw that the quality of life is so good here, and when an opportunity presented itself, I took it,” he said. That was 11 years ago. “I love what I'm doing, and so many of my customers have become my friends.”

Misses family, food

Khansaheb and his wife, Hemali, have two young daughters and live in south Charlotte. They enjoy going back to India every few years or so “to see family and eat the good Indian food.” There are a couple of restaurants in the University area that have the southern Indian food Khansaheb likes. They eat Indian cuisine at home sometimes, too, but nothing compares to “the real thing.” He smiles at the thought, then says, “Time to get busy.”