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The Clover school board is expected to debate Monday whether to use the current Clover Middle School facility or Clover Junior High building to house half of the district's middle school students after a new middle school in Lake Wylie opens.

In September, the board presented a plan that eliminated the junior high level. According to the proposal, Clover Middle School would house half of the district's sixth- through eighth-graders next fall and the other half would attend a new middle school in Lake Wylie. Under the plan, the Clover Junior High site would be used to expand the high school and for other programs.

The plan, however, wasn't embraced by many parents.

Clover mom Deanne Kelly called the middle school a “second-rate facility.” “Structurally, from the size of the classrooms to the cafeteria, the school is simply too small,” Kelly said. “Academically, the facility lacks the appropriate science labs, computer labs and library to prepare seventh- and eighth-graders for high school.”

Superintendent Marc Sosne recently met with about 20 parents who shared similar concerns. Many argued the district pulled a “bait and switch,” referring to a promise by district leaders during the 2006 bond referendum that they would use the junior high site for the middle school.

The district was dealt a major financial blow when the state passed Act 388, which eliminates residential property taxes to fund school operations in exchange for an extra penny on the dollar sales tax. The (Rock Hill) Herald

Fort Mill

Fort Mill Mayor Danny Funderburk apologized to his constituents for forwarding a debunked e-mail message suggesting Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama is the biblical Antichrist.

“I am sorry I forwarded that e-mail and the discomfort it may have caused,” Funderburk said at the beginning of a recent town council meeting. “I'm also sorry for other e-mails I've forwarded about other candidates.” He said the e-mail was intended to go to a small group of friends and family. Fort Mill Times