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These groups support dads at home with kids

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 2.9 million preschoolers are cared for by their dads while mom is at work. With those numbers, support for stay-at-home dads should be easy to find. Think again.

When Chris Bush of Rock Hill decided to stay at home with his kids four years ago, there were no groups for stay-at-home dads similar to ones for stay-at-home moms.

“There wasn't anything around to connect you with the other dads.” said Bush. So a few months after becoming a stay-at-home dad, Bush put a notice in his church bulletin and local newspapers announcing the formation of York County Dads.

The group, which now also serves Mecklenburg and Union Counties, is a male take on “mom” organizations. No fees, bylaws or officers here. It's a laid-back group that meets once or twice a month at an area park or playground with the kids. York County Dads will head inside for fun when inclement weather strikes.

Social opportunities for just the dads include random guys' nights out bowling or other active events. “You generally don't grow up thinking that you are going to be a stay-at-home-dad, so it's good to have a support network like this,” said Bush.

Check the Web site for more information: www.geo

Currently about 50 dads are on the e-mail list. Contact yorkcountydads@yahoo .com.

Another organization serves a larger community of dads: Charlotte Area Dads, a Dads Network Community. Started about seven months ago, Charlotte Area Dads members work or stay at home.

The Web site is