South Charlotte

Educator expects active retirement

Proud husband

Ed Smith told me in an e-mail that he is very proud of Sheila, his wife of 20 years. After meeting with Sheila Smith and hearing her story, I can understand why. She was born in Roseboro, and graduated from Appalachian State with a major in primary education. She took a job in the Charlotte area teaching second grade. After four years, she went to UNC Charlotte for grad school and in 1977 became an elementary education school counselor. Smith spent nine years at Spaugh Middle School. In 1992 she was part of the first group that started South Charlotte Middle School. She retired Oct. 1, the last from the original group.

Ready to rock?

Smith says that she is “not ready for the rocking chair.” She and her husband enjoy traveling, she tends an herb garden and she's active at the Ballantyne YMCA. Smith also has a collection of terrific notes from her elementary counseling years that she thinks would make a great book. One example: “Mrs. Smith, I told you I would mind my own business and not call other people names. I lied.” I don't know how she was able to keep a straight face through some of those counseling sessions!

Retiring is ‘bittersweet'

Smith says that she has lots of good memories from her 16 years at South Charlotte and will miss students and adults. She adds that while retiring was “bittersweet,” she has enjoyed the “freedom to do whatever she pleases.” There is an arts and crafts festival that she is looking forward to, and she and Ed are hoping to take their first European trip together in the spring. Bon voyage – you've earned it!