South Charlotte

Speak up about Waxhaw's future

The opportunity to make your opinion known continues beyond Tuesday's Election Day.

That's especially true if you're interested in the future of Union County's Waxhaw area.

On Nov. 10, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., you're invited to a forum to review the Waxhaw Comprehensive Plan at the Museum of the Waxhaws.

You don't need to be a Town of Waxhaw resident to take part. The plan encompasses the area to the west and south between Mineral Springs, Marvin, Weddington and the S.C. border.

There are a lot of opinions on how the town should grow. In 2003, the “Waxhaw Future Land Use Plan” was adopted but never implemented. After the population of the town doubled between 2000 and 2006 and some planning excitement in early 2007, the town commissioners' board created a board of citizens to create a vision for the future.

The work of that citizen group was used to draft a definitive plan that focuses on key themes that include:

Managing growth and infrastructure.

Expanding context-sensitive economic development.

Enhancing quality of life.

Improving design.

Building a sense of community.

Strengthening collaboration with regional partners.

The process of creating the plan began in May 2008. The board appointed a steering committee, which has met regularly since. The Chapel Hill-based firm of Clarion Associates assisted. Public forums were held in June and September. Attendance was light, according to Waxhaw planner LeRae Davis and events coordinator Kathy Murphy.

I had an opportunity to look at the plan draft, and it is wide-ranging. Town commissioners are committed to an open process, and that is the call to action today.

Your ideas really are being solicited. View the plan at the library or at Waxhaw Town Hall. Attend the forum Nov. 10. As they say at weddings, “Speak now …” or don't come complaining that “nobody asked me.”