South Charlotte

Council still committed to town hall

Indian Trail confirmed its commitment this week to build a multimillion-dollar town hall, with some town officials saying it could be a symbol of hope in hard times.

Indian Trail Town Council member Gary D'Onofrio asked the council for a “gut check” on the project, saying for days he had thought over whether it was prudent for the town to undertake such an expensive project in light of the recent economic downturn.

“After thinking about this long and hard, I came to the conclusion in my mind that we should proceed as we originally planned,” he said. “If we're going to move forward, at a minimum we need to have a consensus of opinion.”

The town council agreed in September that the town should pursue a new town hall. At that time the council loosely agreed to consider building it in Dean Harrell's 47-acre town center on Indian Trail Road.

Town Manager Ed Humphries said one estimate showed a 30,000-square-foot town hall could cost about $7.8 million, and the payment would be the equivalent of a 1.44 cents per $100 valuation property tax increase.

This week, council members agreed they were still committed to the project.

Town staff met recently with Harrell, who is ready to begin his development.

The council has not made a formal decision where to locate the town hall, but has discussed building it in the town center or on the town's current site on Navajo Trail, across the street from Harrell's town center.