South Charlotte

Softball pitcher's record does her talking for her

Lexi Davis toes the mound and readies herself. Her delivery is explosive, yet controlled.

By the time the pitch has left her hand, the 6-foot-tall hurler is nearly eight feet closer to home plate than when she started.

With the mound just 43 feet from the batter, it is no wonder she has led Porter Ridge to 18 consecutive wins and the conference softball championship.

Davis has committed to Auburn University after winning the Southern Carolina Conference and Union County Player of the Year awards. She is 20-1 on the mound this year.

Last year, Davis threw six no-hitters, and cracked seven home runs. This year she added another no-hitter to her resume and has an earned-run average below 0.5.

She is one of the most dominating pitchers in the state and carries a .446 batting average, hitting two home runs and driven in 20.

And she is only a sophomore.

"As a coach, Lexi is the kind of person you want to have," said Pirates head coach Lael Rorie. "She is a great player and does anything that I ask of her."

"I try to push her to make her better, but she is a great person to have on my team and I think anyone would want to coach her. She sets a great example, too."

Davis started playing softball at age 8, and by the time she was 12 she knew she wanted to be a pitcher. At 13, Davis was competing on 18-and-under leagues and doing well.

"Before I go out there I get pumped up, turn on my music and get into a zone," said Davis. "My mindset changes and I try to be as fierce as I can be."

"I love being one of the team leaders. All of us have grown up together and I know they have my back."

Her teammates help make the plays behind her, but it is Davis who dominates her opponents on offense and defense.

Davis spends most of her practice time working on pitching mechanics but also finds time to take swings at the plate.

"Hitting, to me, is relaxing. It is fun to be at the plate, just me against the pitcher," Davis said. "Hitting is something that I love to do, but pitching is different. I love taking the mound, and get so locked in to what I am doing nothing else seems to matter."

Davis was so focused during her first no-hitter last season that she was unaware of the feat until after the game.

"It is not something I think about during a game. It is so hard, and there are so many things that a batter can do to get a hit that I don't worry about it. It is much more important to me to win the game than not give up any hits," Davis said.

With only the one loss - 9-8 to Ardrey Kell, which the Pirates led 6-0 at one point - Davis and Porter Ridge have been drawing a lot of attention.

For her part, Davis said she is thrilled with the awards and accolades and is happy people notice the work she and her teammates put in.

"All athletes should take it to heart that people are always watching what you do and how you do it," she said.

"People notice who you hang out with, how you treat people and whether you keep your grades up. I try to be as kind as I can to everybody and figure if people see me doing it the right way."

Rorie said she knows Davis is a special talent, and looks forward to finishing this year and the next two as her coach.

"She is a great leader, a hard worker and a great teammate," Rorie said. "Lexi is a great kid, she gets good grades, works hard and stays our of trouble. Her stats on the field speak for themselves, and off the field she leads by examples."

For now, Davis says she is content to lead the Pirates for the next two years and help win as many games as possible.

"Knowing people are watching and paying attention to what I am doing and what we are doing is a great feeling," Davis said.